Our Team

Bruce Johnson
Bruce D. Johnson, CKD President 781.838.6111 Read Full Bio
Bruce D. Johnson, CKD President

As co-owner and leader of our design group, Bruce is focused on making sure that every client has an exceptional experience with Lee Kimball.

“Listening and learning from our clients is probably the most important thing I do. From our first conversation, I work to make sure that every aspect of our creative process is collaborative and enjoyable, and that has a lot to do with how well a project turns out.”

Bruce not only brings more than 25 years experience to every job, he cites the legacy of his grandfather, Leon Kimball Johnson, as a constant inspiration.

Today Bruce is also involved in developing Lee Kimball Home Services and Lee Kimball Interiors. In addition he devotes time to the David K. Johnson Foundation, supporting individuals and families dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.

Gregg Johnson
Gregg Johnson Vice-President 781.838.6110 Read Full Bio
Gregg Johnson Vice-President

As co-owner of Lee Kimball, Gregg leads our construction team and is responsible for the entire build process.  Once a design is approved and specified, his team makes sure that all materials and schedules are in place to create beautiful spaces, while keeping each job on schedule and on budget.

Gregg brings more than 25 years of creative problem solving, construction expertise, and managerial skill to every Lee Kimball project. He particularly enjoys meeting with clients throughout the build process. 

“Our weekly status updates ensure transparency, encourage collaboration, and make the whole process more exciting for our clients.” 

Along with his brother Bruce, Gregg is deeply involved in the David K. Johnson Foundation.  He is also passionate about his involvement in the Reading Rotary Club.

Rita Doummar
Rita Doummar Architectural Designer 781.838.6124 Read Full Bio
Rita Doummar 781.838.6124
Rita Doummar Architectural Designer

As our principal designer, Rita works closely with Bruce to create spaces that transform homes. After an initial design consultation, Rita and her team of consulting designers develop a range of ideas for each client. 

“The whole process of my job brings me joy. It starts with working with people to make their spaces feel like home and sometimes advising them to step out of their comfort zone.”

Once a design direction is chosen, Rita and her team draft a final plan, specifying the details of each project before it moves into the construction phase.  

In additional to her design and supervisory role at Lee Kimball, Rita also has a passion for teaching. She is currently on the faculty of the Boston Architectural College.

Ray Warren
Ray Warren Senior Project Manager 781.838.6125 Read Full Bio
Ray Warren 781.838.6125
Ray Warren Senior Project Manager

Ray has been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years. From award winning restorations of historic buildings, to finish carpentry and project management, Ray’s wide range of experience uniquely equips him to lead Lee Kimball Home Services.

Ray’s number one priority has always been client satisfaction.

“My goal is to ensure that you have a great experience with Lee Kimball–whether we are changing a light bulb or working on your entire home.”
Brian Mothes
Brian Mothes Assistant Project Manager 781.838.6126 Read Full Bio
Brian Mothes 781.838.6126
Brian Mothes Assistant Project Manager

Brian works closely with Gregg to manage the entire construction process and facilitate transparent communication between clients and everyone on the Lee Kimball team. 

As our lead estimator he plays a critical role in accurately predicting the cost of every element in a project. Brian is also focused on procurement, making sure that everything is ordered and available when needed on site. His attention to the logistics of every job not only ensures success, it makes the entire design build process more enjoyable for our clients. 

“I think the greatest satisfaction I receive is seeing genuine happiness and excitement in the client’s eyes as we progress through a project.”
Cindy Webber
Cindy Webber Bookkeeper 781.838.6122 Read Full Bio
Cindy Webber 781.838.6122
Cindy Webber Bookkeeper

Cindy tracks the progress of each Lee Kimball project, including the status of all orders and payments. Because the design build process leaves nothing to chance, her careful monitoring and thorough reports are critical to the success of every job.

Beyond the numbers, Cindy’s excellent working relationships with clients, vendors, and the entire Lee Kimball teams keeps everything running smoothly.

“As the company expands I am enjoying working with new people who quickly become friends and then like family.”
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell Lead Carpenter 617.699.2227 Read Full Bio
Kevin Campbell Lead Carpenter

Kevin is a skilled craftsman who has been part of the Lee Kimball team for more than 20 years. He enjoys every aspect of a project, from constructing new spaces to the meticulous details that are the hallmark of a Lee Kimball design. As lead carpenter, Kevin is also responsible for day-to-day progress on the job site and for coordinating with all the trades involved.

“We are a seamless group­–including the contracting trades. I value the fact that every person who works on a project is a member of the Lee Kimball team.”
Mike Dentremont
Mike D’Entremont Lead Carpenter 781.956.6135 Read Full Bio
Mike Dentremont 781.956.6135
Mike D’Entremont Lead Carpenter

Mike brings his problem solving skills and an engineering background to each Lee Kimball project. He has more than 25 years experience in construction, and as lead carpenter he also functions as our on-site project manager. Mike works closely with trade contractors and clients on every job–from complex large-scale builds to detailed finished carpentry. He believes that open communication and day-to-day respect for a client’s home are critically important to the success and enjoyment of every project.

‘The entire team looks forward to the end of job celebration. There’s no substitute for seeing a client’s satisfaction and excitement.” 
Jen Cote
Jen Cote Marketing Manager 781.454.7391 Read Full Bio
Jen Cote 781.454.7391
Jen Cote Marketing Manager

Jen is responsible for telling the Lee Kimball story, documenting our projects, and reaching out to prospective clients. She particularly enjoys showcasing the vision and creative solutions that shape each project.

“Watching how excited the LK team gets preparing a design for a client and the pride they take in their end-of-job celebrations make my job even more of a pleasure.” 

Jen also works closely with the David K. Johnson Foundation creating memorable events that help extend the reach of the Foundation and the Alzheimer’s organizations it supports.

Erica Palm
Erica Palm Interior Designer 781-838-6123 Read Full Bio
Erica Palm 781-838-6123
Erica Palm Interior Designer

In her role as manager of the newly launched division of Lee Kimball Interiors, Erica works with clients to enhance the style and function of their home. Whether it is a refresh of a home that has been lived in for years or reimagining a collection of rooms to suit the tastes of a new homeowner, Erica loves to collaborate with clients and the design team to deliver and implement custom designs that folks will love for years to come.

“Details matter. Final touches, such as a ceiling pendant, the perfect window treatment or a textured wallpaper, can elevate a design. It brings me joy to hear from a client that the completed project is now their favorite spot in the house.”

Erica’s fun and laid-back approach to her job has been influenced by her own personal experience in designing, renovating, and building homes for herself and her family.